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This web page is just a collection of information that is available on the possible neutrino facility attached to the CERN Proton Synchrotron (CERN PS).

Primary Proton Beam Production: (see presentations)

PS Parasitic

PS Dedicated

Proton beam momentum

20 GeV/c

20 GeV/c

Protons per pulse

2.6 x 1013

3 x 1013

Number of bunches



Bunch length (4 sigma)

65 ns

65 ns

Bunch spacing

262 ns

262 ns

Burst length

1.8 us

2.1 us

Maximum repetition rate

1.2 s.

1.2 s

Beam energy

84 kJ

96 kJ

Average beam power

70 kW

80 kW

Beam size at target (1σ)

� 4 - 8 mm

� 4 - 8 mm

Beam Line Infrastructure:
(see also presentations)

- TT7 tunnel combined drawing

- TT7 tunnel side view drawing

- TT7 tunnel top view drawing

- TT7 cavern drawing

Secondary Beam Production:
Possible Experimental Sites:

- PSNF central beam path on the CERN Meyrin site

- Building 112 (off axis)

- Building 180

- Building 181

- Building 191

- Building 375 (ISR tunnel T5)

Experiment ideas, letters of intent, proposals, etc.:

- A new search for anomalous neutrino oscillations at the CERN-PS (LOI, by C. Rubbia et al.)

Double LAr: Sterile neutrinos with the CERN PS (New Opportunities in the Physics Landscape at CERN 10 - 13 May 2009)

35 years after Gargamelle: the renaissance of the "chamber" neutrino physics. (European Strategy for Future Neutrino Physics 1 - 3 October 2009)

PSNF related presentations
TT7 photos

Contact: Do not hesitate to contact me, Rende Steerenberg BE/OP for any questions concerning the possible PS Neutrino Facility.

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